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ID Media was established in 1994 as a one-stop-shop for newsletters and other publicity materials.
We produce a range of publications under the Street Scene Bragazines brand - specifically Petone Street Scene, Otaki Street Scene and Carterton Street Scene. The bragazines (neither a magazine nor a brochure, but a mix of both) have proved popular as a means of publicising small communities' attractions, events, businesses and people. Further bragazines are likely.

The ID Media team can take a publication right through to client signoff, and then manage print and distribution as required with our trusted partners. In-house we provide advice on concepts, and write, edit, proofread, photograph and produce cartoons. We’re flexible enough to provide whatever you need – use all of our services, or just part of them.

What can you expect from us? We could say we strive for quality and integrity, but if we didn’t have those attributes we wouldn’t still be in business after more than 15 years. What we do promise is service that delivers to your expectations – and beyond. We pay attention to detail, we listen and we care about your business.

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