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Newsletters – print or electronic – allow you to keep in touch with your clients, your colleagues or your constituents. Good newsletters can be remarkably effective marketing tools, creating opportunities for new business or simply providing information that helps your clients understand you better. Creating a good newsletter is a matter of getting every part of it right, from start to finish. You could try producing a newsletter yourself, but do you have the in-house nous to effectively complete all that's required? Chances are your newsletter will reflect your level of expertise. Many design companies produce good-looking newsletters, but if you’re not confident that it's written and edited crisply, you run the risk of design dominating words.ID Media is a one-stop-shop for newsletters – for writing, editing, proofreading, photography, design and print – from conception through to delivery. We can do all of it, or some of it as required. You might have your own communications staff for writing, or a trusted printer who will print your newsletter. We offer the flexibility to suit your needs.

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